Original Designs

Our products created by International Designers to offer unique and original patterns for customers. Our collections include over 500 designs and variants.

Customer Service

The combination of a young staff and years of experience creates a perfect environment for stimulating ideas and great service.

Healthy Life

Our company cares for human health! We do not use any heavy metals in our products. We periodically make ROHS tests every year.


Recyclable products contribute to the national economy and does not harm the environment. All our products are recyclable.


Printed Non-Woven Backing Pvc Table Clothes


Double Face Printed Pvc Table Clothes

INCI Gold&Silver

Non-Woven Backing Embossed Pvc Table Clothes

INCI Exclusive

Extra Embossed Printed Pvc Table Clothes

INCI Royal

Embossed Transparent Pvc Table Clothes

MARAL Non-Woven

Non-Woven Backing Embossed Pvc Table Clothes


Silvered Transparent Pvc Table Clothes


Non-Woven Backing Embossed Vintage Printed Pvc Table Clothes